Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Jennifer Roback Morse has an interesting answer to that question.

Which leads to another thought -- it always bothered me a bit how proponents of same sex marriage would use infertile couples as a talisman to make their point. As if they had chosen this infertility, and were desirous of being a pawn in this political game.

I guess I could see it as the dehumanizing part of the movement. People don't exist to be people, to live in freedom and love that God created them for; they exist for my benefit. So, if some couples are not able to conceive children, I can use that as a rhetorical point in order to get what I want.

I sincerely doubt that anyone who invokes infetile married couples in arguing for same sex marriages gives a damn about them as people, or is really that concerned that the mean purtianical Christians will consider them "less married." They're just tools.

As if they weren't suffering enough.
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