Thursday, October 16, 2003

Reading some of the comments in the Catholic blogs about the Schiavo case, I think some people have a reading of Matthew 25 that goes something like this:

For I was hungry and you complained to the chancery that the diocese had an insufficient food pantry, I was thirsty and you wrote letters to the dicoese asking them to install a water fountain, a stranger and you complained that the bishop was not outside to welcome me, naked and you complained about how well-dressed the bishop and chancery staff are, ill and you withheld contributions from Catholic hospitals that you feel have an insufficient Catholic identity, in prison and you wondered why the bishop doesn't visit me.

Would it be better if Bishop Lynch was more in the forefron in confronting this tragedy? Absolutely!

Is that neccesary for us to do something? No! Witnessing the Good News to the secular world is our job as the laity. Maybe we should look to what kind of job we're doing there before telling the bishops how to do theirs.

There's a word for this phenomenon -- clericalism. I though we all decided about 18 months ago that it's not a good thing.

Let's do our job, that was given to us in our Baptism and Confirmation.
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