Sunday, September 21, 2003

One of the more entertaining things about living in St. Louis is seeing how each year the St. Louis Post-Dispatch picks a different city that St. Louis should model itself after. Previous entries included Protland, Cleveleand, and Minneapolis(I think).

This year's entry is San Diego.

Because when you think of cities that have a lot in common with a midwestern town with cold winters and notoriously steamy summers best know for a beer company, you immediately think of a seaside town on the Mexican border with a large military base and temperate year round temperatures.

To his credit, the author realizes it's a tough sell, but cites three similarities between San Diego and the St. Louis of the future:
  • Biotechonology
  • A new downtown baseball stadium
  • Downtown housing

The baseball stadium comparison is laughable -- the ballpark in in San Diego hasn't even opened yet. So calling it a success, let alone something St. Louis should model itself after is laughable. This also ignores the fact that St. Louis already has a downtown baseball stadium!! The proposed site for the new one is right across the stree from Busch Stadium. It's just not going to make that big a difference.

St. Louis needs to be St. Louis, not pretend it's San Diego.
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