Thursday, August 14, 2003

The short answer is I've been busy.

The longer answer is that I'm finding a lot of the debates in "St. Blog's" and the web in general to be less than stimulating. Topics include:
  • Calls to tattle on any Catholic to his bishop if he says something about gays that could be construed as less than a condemnation.
  • Discussion of what hymns should be banned
  • Talk about when it's OK to kill people
  • Discussion about whether a returning relapsed Catholic should be discouraged from receiving the Eucharist.
  • Discussion of when it's OK to use invective against people.

I wish the we were instead discussing how best to reach out to people, how we can avoid violence and invective, and how we can spread the Word to others.

Instead we sit around pointing out the splinters in each others eyes.

I will probably be back later; I'm just not getting much out of the current debates.
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