Monday, June 30, 2003

Woman Biting Blog
Yes, the wife of a twenty something somewhat conservative Catholic is attempting to get cyber savvy and learn the art of blogging. So, if the men of stop writing and sharing their opinions, it would, of course, be my fault. If my more vocal outbursts intimidate the boys, I should, of course, stop writing. But I won't...
I'm coming in late on the conversation about girl alter servers, but it seems to me that our fine Church needs to nurture the devotion to the faith in both genders...I was not Catholic as a child (I converted in college, long before I met my wonderful Catholic husband) so I do not have memories of being left out of the altar serving world. I converted of my own free will to a Church that I knew does not allow women priests. I don't have an axe to grind about this issue--I just don't see how keeping girls and women out of any Godly ministry does the Church good. If there is a young lady who is interested in serving her Church, telling her no sends the message that her service to others is not valued. And that, in these days, is a terrible message to send to a young person, boy or girl. To send that message to a girl because her participating in mass "intimidates" a boy misses the real problem--and that is a boy whose desire to serve the church is overshadowed by insecurity. Amid recent "Girl Power" campaigns to shine light on unfairness to girls (positive), there has been a dearth of aide to young boys. And boys today, with the epidemic of fatherless families, need all of us to build them up as we've built up young girls. Young people, boys and girls, need to be seen as equally important to us, and to the Church.
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