Thursday, June 26, 2003

I've asked my wife Kristin to write here occasionally, and hopefully that will start soon.

Will the presence of a female contributor make me less likely to contribute? If so, would that be a case for me excluding women from contributing? You can read the discussion of this as it pertains to alter servers in Amy Welborn's comments. I guess you can tell where I stand.

I especically like this response that said that we shouldn't allow girl altar servers because they're better at it than boys, and this scares boys away. Does it ever enter these people's minds that this might be a clue from the Holy Spirit that girls are perfectly capable of this ministry?

UPDATE: I think I mischaracterized the response above, he was not saying that girls should not serve, only that altar serving should be "gender neutral."
I better shut up before I get myself in trouble.
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