Friday, April 04, 2003

A couple pieces on HMS blog show just how all this "choice" rhetoric plays in real life. I was especially moved by this response from a reader:

A timely story about our youth: My daughter attends a local public high school and is a freshman. She's a chorus geek and her friends (guys and girls) mostly come from that crowd. And a diverse crowd it is -- Muslim, staunch Presbyterian, assundry nominal and nondenom Protestants, Buddhist, Jewish, Catholic. They share many common traits, however -- moral, principled, articulate, loving, caring. A joy to be around. A few months ago, a classmate of theirs turned up pregnant (14). She got a
ration from the group about 'messing around with boys' -- and then they did what classmates do -- helped her keep up with her studies, included her at lunch, etc. These kids disapproved of what happened but were willing to support her through the pregnancy. Can't say the same for her parents. She disappeared for a week recently -- only to appear not pregnant. Not her idea but her parents thought is was best 'for her health.' As one kid put it, "The parents couldn't handle it -- thought her life was over. Can't they tell the difference between life-changing and life-ending???"

It seems like our kids are hungry for fruits and vegetables, and we're feeding them candy and soda because it's easier for us.

The Culture of Life holds the true path fulfillment, and it's what our children most deeply want. But instead, we're selling them "choice."

It's a terrible shame.
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