Friday, March 21, 2003

Joanah Goldberg writes:

Of all the wars and conflicts all around the globe, this is the one that has caused them to spill out onto the boulevards in rage. This is the one they've decided warrants human shields and boycotts. There were no human shields boarding buses to defend the Kurds or the Kuwaitis from Saddam Hussein — but they're falling over themselves for the opportunity to get in our way when we try to defend or liberate them. The useful idiots didn't rend their clothes and gnash their teeth when the Soviets invaded Kabul, but they were out in force when we liberated it. In short, these people don't hate war or care for the innocent nearly so much as they hate America.

Earlier this week, Mickey Kaus pointed to acolumn by Heather MacDonald that included:

Four days after the executions of two undercover officers in Staten Island this week—they were shot point-blank while trying to buy a semi-automatic weapon from a gang of gun hustlers—Barron, Sharpton, and the rest of the city’s cop-haters have preserved a perfect public silence. There will be no demonstrations outside the courthouse when the murderers of Detectives James Nemorin and Rodney Andrews are arraigned, unlike the protests that Sharpton organized outside the Bronx courthouse to scream at the four New York officers who mistakenly shot Amadou Diallo in 1999. Nor will anyone be parading coffins outside the homes of the lowlives who blew out the brains of the two Staten Island detectives, as New York’s anti-cop bigots did outside the homes of the Diallo officers.

These "where are the protests and demonstrations against the thugs" arguments are viscerally satisfying, but ultimately empty. Another way of phrasing this is, "why don't the protestors hold thugs and criuminals to the same standards as cops and the US government?" The answer is simple -- because they're thugs and ciminals. Put that way, you can see how ridiculous this type of argument is..

Protestors demonstrate against cops or against the US because they believe they have some chance affecting change. Protesting against street criminals or Saddam Hussein has no hope.

The protests and demonstrations are a sign that the US does at least listen to its people, and that it is held to a high standard. That should be good news.
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