Monday, March 03, 2003

Justin Katz seems inlcined to let Reynolds slide for his smear of the Vatican with an anti-Semitism charge. Katz writes:

I'm also trying to walk the fence between conservative Catholics, with whom I agree about most everything, and other folks with whom I often agree on separate matters, whose reactions to religion I wish to shift. Among the latter, Glenn Reynolds is far from the most intransigent, and he's a valuable conduit to others, as well.

I'm not sure if I'm a "conservative Catholic," but nevertheless I can't count Prof. Reynolds as "far from the most intransigent." I've been reading InstaPundit since we was on the Fray, back when he advertised it as, "100% Cond*t Free!" and these have been his major themes:

  • The war on terror/war on Iraq (in favor)
  • Gun Control (against)
  • Cloning and embryonic research (in favor)
  • Sexual freedom (in favor)
  • General libertarian causes (in favor)
  • Encroachments on civil liberties (against)

A typical day on InstaPundit will see a couple links on the developments on the war, a link to a story that makes the anti-war movement look foolish, the latest on the case against Michael Bellisies, a link to some campus sex stunt or sex column somewhere, a link to a column making fun of those who oppose cloning, and a story about the unintended consequences of the Patriot Act. (maybe I'm leaving something out).

That's fine -- our blogs are neccesarily about what we find interesting, but the values Prof. Reynolds espouses on his blog are hardly in direct alignment with those of the Church. In fact, his views on the italicized items are in direct conflict with those of the Church.

So when Prof. Reynolds digs up a picture from last spring of a French cardinal with Arafat in an attempt to get people to associate Catholicism (or at least the hierarchy) with anti-Semitsim, I'm not going to sit still for it. Because it seems likely that this will be used by him to dismiss the Church's teachings regarding the unborn and sexuality. After all, why should we listen to these anti-Semitic dolts?

As Tacitus wrote, there are plenty of legitimate ways to criticize the Church or its policies. Using a single picture to smear it with anti-Semitism isn't one of them.
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