Monday, March 03, 2003

It's easy for Prof. Reynolds (or me, for that matter) to pooh-pooh concerns the Vatican has about Christians in the Arab world. After all, if I come out strongly against Israel, nobody will die.

But the Holy Father and the Vatican's words can result in much death or suffering, and I don't think it's unreasonable that they take that into consideration.

You can say that they should be more courageous, and if it were just their own hides on the line, I might agree. But I'm not sure courage demands that the Holy Father endanger the lives of millions of others in order that Prof. Reynolds might find the Vatican's position "admirable."

And I would also like Proof. Reynolds or someone else to produce where the Vatican cheerleads for the Arabs against Israel. For all the talk there's been about it, you'd think someone would have some solid evidence by now. But all I keep seeing is that picture. Maybe if we wave that around enough and shout "the Vatican is anti-Semitic!" people will believe it.
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