Monday, March 24, 2003

It's not right what the Iraqi's are doing to the US soldiers. But I can't help but find some of the complaints about Iraq not complying to the Geneva convention a bit, well, unbecoming.

I try to imagine what this must look like to an outsider, and I came up with a basketball analogy (yes, another, hey, it's tournament time, too!). Imagine a local YMCA team started yapping about how terrible the Los Angeles Lakers were, and that they could beat them. Initially, the Lakers ignored them, but the trash talking got louder and pouder to the point that they could no longer ignore them, and they decided to come to their gym and show them what's what. After taking a big lead, the Lakers gave up a basket to make the score 20-2, and then complained to the officials that the YMCA team should get called for a technical foul for celebrating the basket too much. It seems to me that's what we must look like.

Of course, this situation is much more serious than a basketball game -- soldiers' lives are being played with, and I can't imagine the anguish these soldiers' families must be going through. And Iraq poses a bigger threat to the US than a trash talking basketball team poses to the Lakers (though the world may not yet have come around to this point of view). Nevertheless, what did we expect? We are going into this country to oust the regime. What, exactly, is their incentive to follow the Geneva Conventions? Especially since our rationale for going to war is that this is a regime of lawless thugs that thumbs its nose at the international community. And then we have the nerve to act surprised when they don't follow the Geneva Convention?

InstaPundit has been taking the "I eagerly await the protests" tack, that I took on below The US should accept, and in fact welcome a higher standard of behavior than is applied to the Iraqis. If we aren't willing to do that, then we have no busineess there.
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