Sunday, March 02, 2003

InstaPundit links to a story about anti-Semitic remarks from the Anglican clergy, and adds, "This is absolutely pathetic, but no great surprise given the antisemitism we've already seen emanating from the Vatican lately."

Well, that certainly would be bad; I wonder what he's referring to...

I figured Prof. Reynolds must have been referring to something he had written about the Vatican, so I searched his blog, and found nothing. Maybe on Damian Penny's blog, which the item linked to? Nope.

Maybe Prof. Reynolds should be more concerned with his own anti-Catholicism that the Vatican's supposed anti-Semitism.

UPDATE: Prof. Reynolds has posted a rather lame defense of his charge. Basically it relies on a months-old picture of a bishop wtih Arafat, and then it's just vague allusions to the Church's history with Jews and a tendency to take the side of Arabs in conflicts with Israel. He adds some e-mail about the hierarchy's statements about a possible war with Iraq, anbd some bigotry from Christians in general.

Sorry, I'm not convinced. Anti-Semitism is a serious charge, and demands more than this to back it up.
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