Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Stop praying for peace and serving the hungry and counseling those considering abortion. Drop everything you're doing now and call to bully the principal of a faraway Catholic high school to prevent a luncheon with a pro-choice Catholic governor! It's the most important work Catholics today can do, according to Gregory Popcak.

Come on! We all must do our part to ensure that the Church and the pro-life movement remain an echo chamber of self-righteous name calling, completely disengaged and marginalized from the predominant culture. There's no hope in convinving pro-choicers of the error of their ways, or preventing high school students from being seduced by their powerful arguments. What, you think God will help us? Ha!

I wish that the biggest problem facing us was the possibility that a couple of high school girls would have lunch with a pro-choice governor. But it's not. And I'd be the first one to oppose this if someone could show me how this will do one thing to save an unborn child. But it won't. It seems to me little more than an oppurtunity for us to beat our chests and look down on people.

Maybe it's a result of the string of defeats the pro-life movement has suffered these past 30 years. We're so desperate to claim victory for something, anything, that we'll convince ourselves that bullying a high school principal into preventing a lunch is a "victory," even if it hurts the pro-life movement in the long run. When we raise the ire of the husband of a pro-choice politician, we call it "results". Sorry, I have a different measure of results, and it involves the 3,000 unborn children who are killed every day, whether this luncheon goes on or not.

I think it's interesting that the HMS blog was so fired up in its disregard for Granholm that nobody responded to a request to make this Friday a day of prayer and fasting for peace. We're all too busy calling Jennifer Granhom names. This is what happens -- we convince oursleves that little battles are big battles, and we forget about the big battles.

Bullying a principal is relatively easy. Making fun of pro-choice politicians is also easy; what's difficult is changing hearts, but we believe that with God's help, we can do it. By wasting our time on these meaningless gestures, we're delaying in doing the real, hard work we need to be doing. Some might be happy if Granholm never sets foot in a Catholic Church again and maintains her pro-choice views. I would much prefer that she reconcile her views with those of the Catholic Church. I prefer it so much that I will not settle for the former. As those against the luncheon are fond of saying, on an issue as important as abortion, there can be no compromise.

If preventing this luncheon is really as important as everyone says it is, it would be nice if a pro-life politician would offer him or herself as a substute.
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