Monday, February 24, 2003

Andrew Sullivan passes this on:

ONE GAY MARRIAGE DISSOLVED: "In Binghamton, N.Y., Supreme Court Justice Andrew J. McNaught granted a divorce to Catherine Koppe from Lillian Beaumont on the ground that, since the partners were both female, the marriage was void. In March 1927, wearing a clown costume, a man's wig and a van dyke beard, Lillian ("William") Beaumont appeared with Catherine Koppe before the Rev. Francis T. Cooke, saying they had just come from a masquerade, wanted to be married. He obliged." - from Time magazine, October 24, 1932. You see? This is hardly a new demand. For other examples of same-sex marriages throughout history, check out my anthology.

That may be evidence that gay marriage is a long standing issue, but it damages Sullivan's frequent dismissals of conservatives' concerns that allowing gays to marry would harm the institution of marriage.

Yes, I know that there are heterosexual weddings that take place under strange circumstances. But Sullivan chose this instance involving clown costumes to support gay marriage. If this is the best he can do, it doesn't do much to raise my confidence that gay marriage would be a positive development for marriage.
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