Thursday, February 13, 2003

That said, I was able to forget about the warning levels and all my other concersn (including my first home purchase) while wathcing SLU's stirring upset of #2 Louisville last night. The Billikens haven't had a great year, but have played hard every night under new coach Brad Soderbergh. It was great to see them have something to celebrate, especially since they didn't quit on any of the several occasions it looked like Louisville had the game wrapped up. It was two hours of fun.

Mizzou, on the other hand...

I'll be at the Blues hockey game tonight, despite it being a "large public gathering" during this high alert time. Whatever happens in the next week, the games need to go on, and we need to keep enjoying them. It was one of the saddest things to see kids' soccer games cancelled last year during the sniper problems.

Sports aren't a soluition to our problems, but they do help us forget for a couple hours, and release some of our tension. I was glad to have that game to watch last night, and I'm glad to have another tonight. I hope that whatever happens in the next couple weeks, the games go on.
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