Wednesday, February 12, 2003

When I see certain words in Catholic blogs, my blood pressure jumps a beat or two. I should note here that I'm sure that most writers who use these terms don't mean to use them in this way, but this is the association I have with them. Here we go:
  • "The Situation:" This one drives me nuts becuase it's a cutesy way of regerring to a horrible scandal. Writers who use this term seem to be winking and saying, "I know the hip, cool way to refer to the current scandals. I know the secret password."
    A scandal involving the sexual abuse of minors seems to me to be strange thing to form a self-congratulatory club around.
  • "St. Blog's": I've written about this before, but the implication I see here is that the author finds his real home parish wanting, and prefers the company of the internet "parish." There's nothing wrong with finding community online, but it's important to remember that our first responsibility is to our real parish where we receive the sacraments and meet each other. "St. Blog's" isn't going to administer any sacraments, and you're probably not going to encounter a poor or needy member of "St. Blog's."
  • "AmChurch": Usually used to refer to all American Catholics except the writer and those like the writer. This is probably my least favorite one of all. It reveals a contempt and disgust and utter lack of connection with one's fellow Catholics. Can't we do better than coming up with derisive name? Did Jesus have cutesy name for the Pharisees?
  • "Lavendar Mafia": This one I really don't care for, since it posits a connection between homosexuality and organized crime. I'm all for contronting evil and corruption, but do we have to do it with an anti-gay slur.

Keep using these terms if you want. I just wanted to get my feelings about them off my chest.
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