Friday, February 14, 2003

Greg Popcak wants us to let Detroit Free Press columnist feel our wrath for critcizing a Catholic Girls' High School's decision to remove a lunch with pro-choice Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm from a silent auction list because of her pro-choice views.

I actually agree with the columnist, though. I think the pro-life movement wastes too much time and energy on these self-rightoeous grandstands that don't do a damn thing to save an unborn child. I've noted this before.

Didn't Jesus eat with prostitutes and tax collectors? Was that seen as an endorsement of their lifestyle? Do we really think He would be instructing us not to dine with those who vote pro-choice?

The message the public gets from stunts like this isn't, "Boy, those Catholics are firmly behind their views;" it's "Boy, those Catholics are controlled by a few self-righteous prigs that deserve to be marginalized."

I don't like Granholm's pro-choice views any more than the next guy, but I don't think the best way to change her mind is to refuse to dine with her.
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