Monday, January 06, 2003

I should note here that I never much cared for the term "St. Blog's." It seemed strange to me that lots of us Catholics, all memebers of parishes that doubtless need ministering, would need to create a new virtual parish to minister to. But, anyway.

Lots of the "Catholic blogs" were formed in reaction to the sexual abuse sacandals (or "the Situation" -- another phrase I could do without, but that's another topic). Often, they seemed dedicated to pin blame for the scandals on one group of Catholics or another, or for the groups accused to defend themselves and launch invective back. The result was not exactly a wondrous display of Christian charity, and I despaired of it on a couple occasions.

But when I look around now, I see what I was hoping to see months ago. Mark Shea has a great discussion going on with his readers about the Holy Father's teaching on the death penalty. Gregory Popcak has an interseting discussion on how to judge whether a song is appropriate for Mass (that is thankfully free of words like "dreck" and comparisons of Marty Haugen to Satan). Kairos Guy has an interesting reflecion on what heaven is like. There's also been a number of great rejoinders to the cloning news.

This what I hoped the blogs would be. Boldy confronting the Culture of Death, and amicably discussing different takes we have on Chruch teachings, without saying that the fact that others see things differently is the reason why boys were raped. I don't mean to sound like, "We must stop fighting amongst ourselves and unite against our Common Enemy!", since many of the differences we Catholics have with each other are important, and the answers to these struggles matter. But I, for one, am happy to see the new tone that's emerged as the Catholic weblog has matured, and I hope it continues, and will work to ensure that I'm not the reason it doesn't.
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