Wednesday, January 22, 2003

As we mark this terrible anniversary, and mourn the 40 million lives lost to abortion there are some signs that a culture that has often been afraid acknowledge that abortion is the lease bit troublesom may be loosening up.

Slate has chosen this week to publish a dialogue between two women who have experienced miscarriage about a book concerning the pain of miscarriage. It's interesting timing to say the least. While we mark the anniversary of the unborn being declared to have no legal status, these women are describing the emotional heartbreak that comes with one of these tiny ones dying. Yes, it's hardly a valentine to the pro-life movement, but it's a sign of a lack of hostility to the notion that a fetus is more than "a cluster of cells."

Amy Welborn points to a guest on The View who described how she thinks having an abortion had a devastating impact on her life. Again, it's quite surprising that such a story would be given this forum during this week.

I don't know if these things will save any unborn lives, but they are signs that the culture is beginning to accept that unborn children are indeed worth of rights, and this notion that they aren't is doing real damage. That's a reason for me to continue to have hope that, as the Holy Father envisioned when he was in St. Louis, "the United States will be 100% pro-life."

UPDATE: To be clear, I am not trying to imply that the anguish and suffering these women have experienced is a good thing because it might help the pro-life movement -- their suffering is real and terrible. What is good is that they are being given a forum in which to share their stories, and this makes a Paschal Resurrection possible -- creating new life out of death and suffering.
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