Tuesday, January 07, 2003

I'm glad the Falcons beat the Packers. All this Lambeau mystique talk had grown tiresome. Call me whatever, but there's something a little too cutesy about this whole "frozen tundra, cheeseheads, Lambeau leap, brats & beer, owned by the people of Green Bay" stuff that goes along with the Packers. Yes, I suppose it's good that a town like Green Bay, Wisc. can be home to a successful NFL franchise, but none of that changes the fact that this year's Packers were an average team that feasted on a terrible division. They were occasionally raised above average by their great quarterback. Anyway, good riddance!

I like Tony Dungy, but this is the third straight year that his team has gotten clobbered in the first round of the playoffs and basically quit. He's got to find a way to ratchet up the intensity. The Niners and Steelers reponded to their big deficits with inspired play; the Colts looked like they couldn't wait to get off the field.

Boy, the Giants did a great job of not letting the 49ers blow that game on Sunday, huh? Between matching Terrel Owen's dumb penalties and not executing the fild goal, they gave a lesson in grasping defeat from the jaws of victory.
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