Wednesday, January 22, 2003

One more thought ocurred to me today -- a lot of the abortion debate revolves around which right is fundamental. Is a woman's control over her body fundamental, or is the unborn child's right to life fundamental. As you would know, my position is that the right to life is fundamental, and absent this right, all other "rights" are meaningless. If you have the right to kill me for no reason, then you giving me the right to free speech is meaningless, since you could always change the rules and kill me for what I said.

Anyway, the laws making protests around abortion clinics illegal broought this home to me. The "right" to abortion is naturally fragile, and cannot stand up to protest and pressure. Those who support it recognize this, so they've pushed for all sorts of regulations on protests around abortion clinics. Thus, abortion clinics, which pro-choicers would say are a bastion of freedom, are actually among the least free places in the country, an irony that is actually lost on both sides.

I think this proves the pro-life point -- so long as there is not a right to life, there are no other rights
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