Wednesday, September 11, 2002

I'm not sure how I feel today.

I haven't posted, not because of some memorial, but for lack of anything to say. I don't think 9/11 should be a holiday, and I think refraining from our normal activities is exactly the wrong response.

I have been actively avoiding the network coverage of events, because I generally can't stand the way the networks handle anniversaries like this with their mawkish soft-focus interviews. I feel compassion for the victims, but I just don't feel like watching a story about babies who were born after their fathers died on 9/11, or couples that met while digging through the rubble, or group interviews with families of victims.

I also don't think it's a time to beat our chests and proclaim how great we are as a country. The flag-waving was appropriate to show unity in the immediate aftermath -- I don't see much purpose in it now.

So, what to do? I honestly don't know. I'll say some extra prayers for the world leaders and those who lost loved ones that day, and avoid network TV. That's probably not right for everyone.
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