Friday, August 16, 2002

Bob Halloran has a list of things he doesn't know. Among them:

I noticed recently that Scott Draper is ranked 230th on the ATP tour. So, how far down do they go with the rankings anyway?

Here's mine -- I don't know why the seeds in tennis never match up the way they do in other tournaments. For example, if Venus Williams in the #1 seed in the US Open, assuming all the favorites win, you would expect her to have to face the #32, #16, #8, #4, and #2 seeds in order to win. But that doesn't happen. You'll frequently see a semifinal match betwwen a #1 and a #3 seed, and Williams's first seeded opponent will be something like #27. How can that be? Shouldn't the #3 seed be on the other side of the bracket? If they're not going to bracket the tournament based on the seeds, why bother seeding at all?

Not terribly important, I know, but just something that bugs me.
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