Friday, August 23, 2002

Derek Zumsteg says 9/11 shouldn't stop the players from stricking, and I'm inclined to agree, but he concludes with this line:
We should not cower before a date on our calendars, until we are unable to think rationally, make decisions on their own merits, or get on with our nation's business. And that includes the rights of free men to protect their livelihood.

"protect their own livelihood"??? Oh, give me a break. The owners may be trying to do some not-so-nice thngs to the players, but their right to play a game for seven figure salaries is not being threaened. From what I'm reading, the major contention is the luxury tax, which if the owners got their way, would mean that Lacke Berkman might make $15 million a year instead of $20 million when he becomes a free agent.

That may be unfair, but it's not a threat to the players' livelihood, and rhetoric like that insults people who have had to strike to make a decent living.
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