Tuesday, August 27, 2002

I took another look at Rev. Ortman's letter ( which you can find here with Amy Welborn's comments), and it was so poorly written that it defies a point-bypoint rebuttal. So I understand why none exists.

Ortman seems to be advancing the posiction that nothing could be more Christian than to be pro-choice because God gave us the gift of free will. Threfore, to move against the right to choose would be to take this gift away.

First of all, Ortman buys into the abortion movement's narrow definition of "choice," limiting it to abortion. If one were to broadly apply Ortman's principles, Granholm would also have to pledge to pull up all speed limit signs and traffic lights, since they also take away a driver's "choice" of how fast to go and whether or not to stop.

The fact is that society and government have the responsibility to make laws that affirm the rights of all people. To leave it as a matter of "choice" is moral cowardice of the highest order.

We are responsible for each other, and must do what we can to prevent each other from commiting evil. Part of the responsiblilty is in forming government that reflects positive values.
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