Friday, August 23, 2002

Jack at Integrity and Mark Shea have some interesting perspective on the discussion around surrounding Rod Dreher's "The Pope Let Us Down." aticle (which will eventually be found here.)

I've been sitting this particular dance out, since it often takes me a while to get my thoughts developed, and by then, things have gotten into the "comment wars" phase.

My main position is this -- Remember who we are. Mark's post does a great job of reminding us of the great good that is present in the Church.

Preserving this goodness, and staying true to who we are must be our first priority, even before taking care of the victims. I know this is a dangerous thing to say in this culture, but it is nevertheless true. As bad as things are already, overcompensating for it will make things worse.

We are on a mighty ship that is facing a terrible storm. Does this mean we can continue cruising as we were in calm seas? No. But we're better off on this ship than in the lifeboats, and it's probably not a good idea to throw the captain overboard, even if he's reponsible for steering us into this storm.

This does not mean that we lack compassion for victims. This theme is something that's been really ticking me off about Amy Welborn's comments as of late. This is the same type of trick pro-choicers play on pro-lifers -- "Well, I'm not seeing much compassion from pro-lifers for rape victims and poor single women who find themselves pregnant." Well, that's because that compassion is always there. It never occurs to us that we would be uncompassionate, so we don't find it necessary to state it.

Victims of sexual abuse from preists are entitled to our compassion, to some monetary compensation, and to know that the Church is acting to prevent future incidences. They are not entitled to dictating what the Church's response will be, or to change what the Church is about so that they can feel "closure."

This is the secular media's influence, and I don't believe it's a good influence.
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