Monday, July 29, 2002

I'm not a fan of imperative bloggings, but I had to indulge in this case. If there's a part of your mind that thinks that the Catholic Church is dying, or that the Pope is out of touch, read Gerard Serafin's account of World Youth Day, and see what's really going on. Thank you, Gerard, for your words of hope.

I was lucky enough to be here in St. Louis when the Pope visited in 1999, and it is something that will be with me forever. Whenever I see the Pope I think of different types of power. Other worls leaders might have the power to raise armies and commit acts of war, but the Pope has the power to gather one million people together to pray for peace. The Pope has the power to ask for and receive mercy for a condemned criminal. And the Pope has the power to turn our depair and anger at the Church into hope.

Of course, the Pope doesn't have this on his own; it comes from God in the Holy Spirit, the same Holy Spirit all of us have access to. There's been a lot of discussion about who should have administrative power in the Church. Have we considered how we can best use the power we have access to through the Holy Spirit? John Paul II shows us a wonderful example.
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