Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Anthony Marquis points his finger at the root cause of the "dissent" problem (though he doesn't say so) when he says the following about Catholic high school students:
Yes, the students are taught what we believe as Catholics, but they do not get the historical foundations nor the theological/philosophical rational.

Then, when they students reach adulthood, and are confronted with the culture and peers who don't share Catholic views, they are poorly equipped to defend them, either to others, or themselves. Is it any wonder so many of us then end up riding with the winds of popular opinion, rather than our rich tradition and history?

Some of this is laziness, but some of this comes from a "we don't need to say why" attitude. That works in the short term with kids, but doesn't work with adults. Yes, we should accept the Church's teachings, but I think it would be easier for us to do it if we were presented with the beauty and foundations for those teachings.
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