Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Warning, this is a bit "reflectiony."

We are angry at the priests who abused children. Now what?
We are outraged at bishops who failed to protect children from these priests. Now what?
We are shocked at priests and bishops who paid large sumd of hush money from diocesan funds. Now what?
We are irked at those looking to use this crisis to further their own agendas and scapegoat their political enemies. Now what?
We are confused by a lack of clear leadership and accountability. Now what?

Our anger, sadness and outrage are very real. And they must be dealt with honestly.

But as Christians, we know that's not the end of the story. Jesus is our Lord not because he died, but because he is risen. Humiliation, anguish, suffering and death is never the end of the story for us.

Maybe it's too early to move from the suffering and darkness Good Friday to the glory of Easter Sunday. After all, we spend a good amount of our Easter Vigil in the darkness of the tomb. But move there we must and move there we will.

And that's the interesting part of the story. That's what makes us different. We believe in the Holy Spirit who will not leave us orphans, and will not let us fall into ruin.

Now what?
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