Thursday, June 13, 2002

I'm sure the orthodox crowd would love to take my statements about "gay Catholics who struggle to be true to [their] sexuality" and use them to show that I'm celebrating sodomy, so I feel like I should clarify myself.

I don't think that a gay person's being true to his sexaulity entails partaking in gay sex, any more than a hetorsexual's integrity must entail intercourse. I am saying that at least to gay people, their orientation is an intrinsic charcteristic of them, like their height or hair color. It must be terribly painful to see an intrinsic charteristic of oneself be thrown around as a"risk factor" for terrible acts like child abuse, and have this used as a basis for excluding people like oneself from ministries.

So, I have an admiration for those who struggle to remain both gay and Catholic. Especially when there are people in the gay community that are virulently anti-Catholic, and people in the Church who are anti-gay.

This doesn't mean I'll be marching in the next Pride parade, or urging for Catholic gay marriages. It just means that I have compassion for gay Catholics.
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