Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Jack at Integrity captures why I'm a bit ambivalent on the "Catholic blog" trend in this post.

Reading some of the Catholic blogs, I can't help but wonder what a non-Catholic would think of the Church if the blogs were his only exposure to Catholics. Somehow, "See how those Christians love one another" doesn't exactly spring to mind.

We need to ask ourselves if our actions are helping to bring about a Paschal Resurection from the current crisis, or if we're just dragging us down.

This is a powerful new medium which can be used for great good in the world, and an exciting way to spread the Good News. It's my prayer that we'll do something better with it than whine about clapping at Mass, bully "dissenters" who honestly want to help the Church, and feed the hysteria over the current scandal with rumors and innuendo.
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