Friday, May 24, 2002

The commentery's starting to come in on the tade where the A's sent Jeremy Giambi to my personal favorite team, the Phillies, for .260-hitting sinlges hitter John Mabry, who doesn't play any defensive position well. I briefly discussed this below.

Joe Sheehan at Baseball Prospectus says there's probably more to this story, but doesn't want to engage in speculation. Rob Neyer says A's GM Billy Beane rarely makes bad moves.

Of course, Beane is a darling of the sabremetrics community, since he's built his team around power hitters who draw walks, so you wouldn't expect him to draw much criticism from this crowd. Still, the struggles this year of bothe the A's and the Blue Jays (whose GM, J.P. Ricciardi, is a Beane disciple) are making me wonder if Beane's way is really the best way. (as I duck the stampede of sabremetricians yelling at me about the small "sample size" of 50 games). It wouldn't bug me if it wasn't, since this style of baseball is quite boring. Actually I think it's just that the other GM's have caught up, and Beane's OBP-savvy isn't the edge it was two years ago.

Anyway, this is still a puzzling move, but as long as it results in Jeremy Giambi hitting some dingers at the Vet, I'll be happy.

UPDATE: Chris Karl says the Phillies scores a "coup" in his weekly Transaction Analysis Column (a great weekly read), so long as they use Giambi effectively.
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