Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Amy Wellborn, (who has many other great things to say, and probably knows a lot more about Catholicism than I do) says that Catholics shouldn't get too excited or optimistic about how the Church will emerge from the scandal, because it would be wrong to celebrate change that comes at the expense of children.

I agree that we shouldn't get so caught up in how great things are going to be that we forget about the victims, but I don't see that happening here. It seems to me the story's been a whole lot more about Fr. Shanley's perversions and how unresponsive the bishops have been than it is about how wonnferful the Church is going to be after this.

What Wellborn forgets is that our redemption and salvation comes from the torture and execution of Jesus, who was completely and utterly innocent, even more innocent than the children who were abused. But that doesn't stop us from celebrating it, even though we are mindful of Christ's suffering.

This the central story of Christianity -- that suffering and pain can lead to goodness in God's hands. This doesn't make the suffering any less real, but it shouldn't stop us from working for, and indeed celebrating, the Paschal Resurrection on the other side of that suffering.
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