Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Reading more of the Catholic blogs, I observe that they sound a lot like some of the conversations I have with my wife on the way home from Mass on Sunday -- Why did they sing that song? Why did Father talk about that? Home come we couldn't hear the readings? Why did the choir use that arrangement; it was impossible to sing along with?

That's healthy, even if it would be nice to be more charitable. But I think it's a bit uncharitable to broadcast my liturgical complaints on the Internet when most of the people working on the liturgies are volunteers or people working for little pay.

Yes, most weblogs exist on "taking down" columns by writers, but it seems to me that there's a difference between taking apart the work of professional writers and taking apart the work of volunteer liturgical coordinators who are trying to serve God and their fellow parishoners.

I don't know if all of us in the blog world always understand how powerful the megaphone is that we've handed ourselves. A comment made in the car to my wife is mostly harmless. A note on my weblog read by a few hundred people a week is another thing altogether.

I understand the desire to improve the litrugy, but let's be charitable, and acknowledge that people are doing their best, and try to be constructive with our criticisms. I seem to see a lot of "Can you believe they did that?" but not much of "Why not try this?" especially where this is something specific.
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