Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Contrary to what Virginia Postrel would have you believe not all opposition to cloning comes from hicks who are afraid of research.

Bryan Preston points out a great post from Eve Tushnet answering some points from the pro-cloners.

You'll notice that Postrel will link anybody who makes a case for cloning, but nobody who offers an opposing point of view. You'll also notice that Preston, Tushnet, and I link liberally to pro-cloners arguments. So what if Ramesh Ponnuru failed to link to you? Postrel wants to create the impression that all reasonable people oppose a cloning ban. Linking to others whom make lucid arguments for a ban among other reasonable posts would be counter-productive to this goal.

While I'm at Postrel's site, I also don't buy her argument against permanent post links. Why should I have to jump through hoops and look at the source code for her site to get the anchor for each of her posts? You know what? I just won't bother at all. And BTW, my perma-links work fine, since I fixed them. Postrel also admits that anchor links won't work once a post is archived.

I understand that it's probably harder to make them work on a home-spun site than on Blogger, but she can just say that and not try to sell us this anchor link snake oil. It is not a superior solution, and it's unreasonable to expect would-be linkers to do this.

In fact, to use Postrel's words, I would say that making people use anchor links from your site's source is quite "stasist," while providing permanent post links is "dynamist."
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