Friday, April 05, 2002

about responsibility in the Middle East.

There's a subtle racism in the belief that terrorist are acting out of desperation, and have no other choice. This is my primary beef with most of what Robert Wright has put out since 9/11. The US and Isreali policies can be controlled; the response of Isalmic fanatics to it is purely reflexive.

But doesn't the US have it's own fanatics? Yes, but we capture them, arrest them, and punish them severely. Regular readers know I'm no fan of the death penalty, but I think it says something very good about our country that we punish people who commit atrocities like this in the name of "patriotism" with the most severe punishment available to us.

Wright has another point that I agree with though, which is the other side of this coin -- treating developing nations as adults should also include inviting them into prosperity with free and open trade rather than foreign aid. Treating these countries with dignity demands it.
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