Friday, April 19, 2002

Charles Krauthammer makes some great arguments against cloning. I especially liked his answer to those who support "theraputic" cloning, but oppose "reproductive" cloning, and insist one won't lead to the other:

A law banning reproductive cloning but permitting research cloning would then make it a crime not to destroy that fetus--an obvious moral absurdity.

I also liked Krauthammer's echoing of my contention that you can say that embryos ought not be killed without asserting that they have all the same rights as children and adults. The pro-cloners have no time for this moral complexity, yet they continue to accues the pro-cloners of being the moral simpletons.

Im not sure I agree with all of Krauthammmer's "Brave New World" predictions, but I do think they cannot be dismissed without some thought.

Makes you wonder if Gelnn Reynolds will continue to assert that nobody's made a serious case against cloning.
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