Monday, March 11, 2002

Ken Layne and Glenn Reyonlds have excellent answeres to Nick Denton's criticism that the conservative Blogosphere hasn't taken on the steel tariff story.

I especially liked what Reyonolds says here:

And InstaPundit is about what interests me, first, second, and third. I'm not a freakin' newspaper here.

And this is what makes blogs different from any other medium. We write about what we're passionate about, and what we know about -- our postings aren't governed by artificial concerns for balance. Yes, this makes it bad of you make InstaPundit your sole news source, but I'm sure Reynolds would be the first to say that that would be a bad idea. When bloggers start trying to be all things to all people, when they start wrting about things they don't really care about to satisfy critics like Denton, then this medium will be the same as everything else. People visit blogs to read about what the writers have to say, not for a balanced look at the news.

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