Sunday, March 24, 2002

A recent Corner post from Dreher includes this passage:

They quote two members of the radical left-wing organization Call to Action, the dissenting theologian Richard McBrien, and the liberal academician Scott Appleby. The only believing Catholic they bothered to talk to was Bill Donohue of the Catholic League.

Emphasis mine. Dreher leaves no room for the idea that one could disagree with the Church on some things (probably just on sexuality) and still be a believing Catholic. If Dreher think these people are incorrect, he should argue against them directly, rather than calling them "dissenters" and thereby dismissing them. The Church is never going to grow and become the Kingdom of God if we do not allow for some disagreement.

I go to Mass every week. I teach 7th grade PSR. I am pro-life. I detest the death penalty. I believe there is wisdom in the Church's teachings on birth control. But I think Dreher would not think I'm a "believing Catholic" because I think women ought to be included in the preisthood.and I have grave concerns about how we're treating gays and lesbians in the Church. And I don't like it.

The more I read from Dreher, the more I conclude that he's more interested in pursuing his agenda of "cleaning out diseent" and getting gays out of the priesthood than he is in solving the problem of silence in the hierarchy about abusing priests. He'd argue that it's one and the same, but I get the feeling that he's drumming up outrage to further his agenda rather than to shed light on the problem. And that leads me to doubt some of his reports, as Kathryn Jean Lopez has, and I'm sure Dreher would have no problem calling Lopez a "believing Catholic."

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