Monday, March 11, 2002

I have a question -- if the American Chuch hierarchy is so overrun by gays and the gay culture, and so embracing of "dissent", than why hasn't the American Catholic Church married any same-sex couples? Why do many gays in the laity feel unwelcome in the Church? Why are current faithful gay priests fearful about rehotric like Dreher's? Why have Catholics who work with gay people been instructed to cease? It seems like if the American bishops were so pro-gay and unfaithful, the American Church would look a lot different than it does.

Dreher clarifies that he was against practicing homosexuals rather than those who respect their vow of celibacy. Nevertheless, he has blurred this line in many of his comments, and linked approvingly to other writers who make no distinction. It seems to me that Dreher is advancing an agenda that has little to do with the cover-up of abusing priests. And I find the use of this scandal to advance this agenda despicable.
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