Wednesday, March 13, 2002

which closely mirror mine.

As I wrote below, I don't beleive the Church is being overrun with the gay subculture because today's Church looks a lot different from what one would expect it to look like if that were the case. I do not know what is going on in the seminaries, but the anecdotes Dreher quotes sound suspicously like bitter people trying to blame their own failure on others.

Dreher's concern for the theological integrity rings hollow. It assumes being Catholic is about sexual morality first, second, and third. I agree with Catholic teachings concerning secual conduct, and I take very seriously my role in teaching it to the 7th graders in my PSR class. But the Catholic Church is about a whole lot more than just sexual morality. Jesus didn't talk very much about sexual morality either, does that mean He was trying to "change the belief of the people by not teaching the truth?" Please.

Light should be shone on the seminaries and the ordination process. But I do not share Dreher's paranoia that a predominantly gay priesthood is a threat to orthodox Catholicism. Especially when orthodox Catholicism offers gays so few options.
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