Monday, March 04, 2002

That seems to be Rod Dreher's opinion as he applauds the recommendation of Joaquin Navarro-Valls's recommendations, reported the New York Times.

To me, this seems like "solving" the pairs figure skating scandal by banning all Russian skaters from competing in future Olympics. A lot of innocent people would be punished, and the real problem, (the hierarchy's cover-ups of the pedophilia cases, in case we forgot) will still be with us.

And if there's one thing the Church does not need to be doing more of, it's making gays feel bad about themselves. Rather than banning gays from the priesthood, could we at least dig a little deeper and try to figure out why this may be happening? That many gays see the priesthood as their only option for life in the Church? That those who abused children never made a truly free choice, and that the vocation may not be true? And that this might be related to the Church's puzzling stand concerning gays?

Banning gays from the priesthood has the appeal that it's palatable to the conservative part of the Church while having the appearance that the Church is "doing something." My prayer is that the Sprit will move us in the Church to a more compassionate and inclusive relationship with our gay Church members.
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