Monday, March 11, 2002

for his call to ban gays from the priesthood.

I have to say that Dreher's recent posts on this issue are troubling. He's been referring to the problem "pederasty" rather than "pedophilia," a subtle way of linking the abuse to ordinary homosexuality. If homosexuality in the priesthood is contrubuting to the problem (something I sincerely doubt), then shouldn't an honest evaluation of the problem include and consideration of the limited options available to gay Catholics?

Let's remember what started this. Priests who had abused children were sheltered by the Church and put into situation where they can abuse again. Dreher seems to be taking this oppurtunity to grind a separate axe about gays in the preisthood. As I've mentioned before rooting gays out of the priesthood would be a counterporductive step that wouldn't solve the real problem.

I've been hard on Dreher here. He did a good job of bringing this story to light, and forcing us to confront it. But the remedies he's been favoring, and his apparent distaste for gays, aren't going to solve anything, and would hurt the Church in the long term.
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