Thursday, March 07, 2002

William Selatan has a great article on the issues confronting the Church. His utlimate soluition -- getting the laity involved in determining how to handle priests who abuse children, since priests, as celibates, don't have children, and may not be as sensitive to their concerns.

Andrew Sullivan's latest comments echo this sentiment. I am pleased to see his view has somewhat softened from his "this is war" rhetoric he was putting out earlier this week. If the Chuch actually moved to expunge all gay priests, then such rhetoric may be appropriate. But an ill-advised comment by a spokesmen doesn't strike me as the basis for any "war," and the idea of of a "war" between reformers and conservatives in the Church breaks my heart. We are all God's people, and we are all working towards solving this problem. I don't think that declaring a war over gays in the priesthood gets us anywhere in solving the problem of priests who abuse children. It's all very counter-productive.

I'm also pleased to see Sullivan directing his criticisms at the hierarchy, rather than "the Church," and echoing some of my sentiments about what the real Church is (though I'm not taking credit for them).

Even Rod Dreher mentions that this is something the laity must deal with.

It's what I've been saying all along -- the Church is so much more than just the clergy, and any mistakes and abuses they commit can't change what the Church is ultimately about. The resurrection that may come out of this is that Catholics are going to wake up and make the Church their own, rather than sleeping and letting the clergy do all the work for them.
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