Thursday, March 28, 2002

Tonight, I and Catholics begin our obervance of the Paschal Triduum, the three holiest days in the Church year, Suring this time, we celebrate the Paschal Mystery -- Jesus's life, death, and resurrection

But we don't believe it ends with Jesus. We beleive that this is still happening all the time, in our families, in our neightborhoods, and in our own personal lives. Resurrection, new life, comes on the other side of deep pain and terrible suffering. Death and destruction is not the end of the story -- it is transformed into a newer, glorious life.

Following are my hopes and prayers for how the Paschal Mystery will manifest itself in our world in the coming months and years.

  • The American Catholic Church will make neccesary changes to deal with the problems of conspiracy and silence in its hierarchy. We will do so in an honest manner that will not to bring down those who disagree with us, but to strengthen the Church, and help provide a deeper pool of priests. We will demonstrate in our dealing with this problem how seriously we take Christ's message, and there will be a deeper respect for the Church's teachings because of it.
  • Terrorism will no longer be seen as an acceptable means to address one's issues.
  • Regimes and establishments that facillitate conditions of starvation will break down, and food and water will flow to people who have none.
  • Advances from adult stem cell research will make reasearch that involves the destruction of embryos unneccesary.
  • We will find a solution to the "education gap" between poor children and rich children that continues the legacy of past prejudices, resulting in a more authentically diverse next generation of leaders.
  • The US will find a more just use for the money, time, energy, and talent currently being used in the drug war to little effect.
  • The sense of unity theat came from 9/11 will continue through this year's elections, and they will be honest and fair, while maintaining honesty about disagreements.

Yes, many of these things are unreasonable, but that's one of the great things about living with Faith -- you can hope for the unreasonable.
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