Tuesday, March 26, 2002

There's some interesting responses to Anna Quindlen's column on the priest sexual abuse scandal, that I took on here. Writers resent her knee-jerk antipathy towards the hierarchy, as well as her out-of context quotes.

What bugs me more than anything is that I think some outsiders think Quindlen is the voice of the Catholic laity. People read Quindlen, and conclude that the Church is "out of touch" with the faithful laity. Well, Quindlen doesn't speak for me any more than I speak for her. There are lots of Catholics who support the Catholic views on sexuality, and don't think that the current scandal is a natural result of backwards teachings on sex.

I wish Quindlen would engage in real discussion about the teachings she considers incorrect rather than merely scoffing at them and pronouncing them out of touch because they run against the culture. That could be a productive conversation, both for Quindlen and the Church.

As it is, she does not seem to be coming from a love of the Church, but rather utter disdain for it. That may be understandable, but it is not a good starting point for progress.
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