Monday, March 18, 2002

for allowing the Arab News's Editor to indulge in some anti-Saudi strawman bashing.

Oooh, Khaled Al-Maeena must be right about everything, since he's considerably more civil than the few emailers he hand-picks. Yes, the "hate mail" is uncivil, but that doesn't mean that the writers don't have a point, or that these selected writers are representative of readers who diagree with what the Arab News reports..

So, I guess if Rich Lowry were to responsd in a civil manner to all that hate mail he's received for his quoted-out-of-context examination of whether we would find ourselves in a position where we should nuke Mecca, that would make him a "voice of peace" and "unabashed Muslim lover" who is "soothing Arab anger." Or does it not work the same way for Americans?
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