Thursday, March 21, 2002

lifestyle conservatism is hurting the Republican Party.

He says that people like John Ashcroft scare off voters who would otherwise be inclined to vote Republican. Reynolds says is doesn't matter if conservative are right about these issues, since it still prevents Republiucans from building a coalition that includes social libertines.

Too bad. If conservatives really believe they're correct on these issues, they would be wrong to shut up about them just to gain power. Because what good is the power if you've already given up everything you would want to accomplish with that power?

And maybe the people who feel "uncomfortable" with it are wrong. Some people probably aren't too comfortable with blacks or women or gays having prominent posistions in the administration. Too bad -- they're wrong. And it would be equally wrong to not appoint minorities to Administration position so as not to "scare off" those who are uncomfortable.

That's what leadership's about. To abandon these positions because some people are uncomfortable with them would be a failure of leadership.
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