Monday, March 11, 2002

I alos feel like conservatives are asked to condemn some action or statement from anothet conservative much more often than liberals are. I'm not sure why that it. Maybe because conservatives are more independent, or maybe conservatice say and do more goofy things. Still, it seems every week, someone's making the rounds about how conservatives have been too slow to condemn some foolish muttering of Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell or some action of the Bush Administration. Some liberal was recently arguing that Ann Coulter was "never condemned" for her "convert them to Christianity" wrtings after 9/11, despite the fact that she was fired from her column at NRO. It doesn't seem like liberals have to apologize for their Michael Moore's quite as often.

Maybe it's because when conservatives say goofy things, they usually smack of racism, sexism, or homophpobia. So if a conservative "fails to condemn" them, they're "insensitive." But when leftists launch tirades against "America" or "whites", there's no organized group to take offense.

Just an observation...
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