Monday, March 04, 2002

He writes, "something is clearly rotten at the heart of the contemporary church." and "was a policy organized in detail, and approved at every level of the church hierarchy. "

This irks me because I am part of the heart of the contemporary Church, and I am part of the Church hierarchy, yes, organizationally I'm at the bottom, but I'm still a part of it.

The heart of the contemporary Church isn't concentrated in Rome or Boston, or the Central West End of St. Louis. It's in support groups for gay Catholics. It's in my seventh grade religion class that meets every week. It's in prayer groups where people meet in homes to pray together and share their stories. I take the suggestion that the Church that I know and love, that I am still proud to be a part of is "rotten at its core" as a personal insult.

It really bugs me when Catholics refer to the Church in the third person, like they're not a part of it, and that they don't share responsibility for the Church's direction and reputation. I think that the clergy have done a lot to make this happen, however, by encouraging us to blindly trust them and never question. I don't believe that's what real Catholicism is about, or what it's ever been about.

The ultimate question is : where do we put our faith? Is our faith in a few men who where strange vestments, or is our faith in Christ, and in each other, the largest and most important part of which is the laity.
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